We’re making some updates!

With the start of the new year, we’re releasing some exciting updates to Mightier. By the end of January 2021, here’s what you and your child will see*:

Access to 5 games!


We know kids love choice! Players can access 5 games daily, empowering kids to find their favorite way to play (and keep their favorite games around longer!). They will still be allowed one swap at the first play of each day. They can choose up to 2 games to swap. For information about swapping games click here.

Introducing Magma Peak!


World 6, Magma Peak, has 23 new lavalings! When players collect the new lavalings, they can read more about them in their Lavaling Collection Box by clicking the icon pictured below.



*If your display is different, make sure you are using the dedicated Mightier tablet. For more information about the differences between Classic Mightier and the updated version rolled out in summer of 2020 click here. If you have questions about upgrading from Classic Mightier to the current version contact the Family Care Team


Bluetooth improvements

Less noticeable on screen, but definitely an improvement to the user experience - Bluetooth improvements! Our engineers worked to improve the stability of the Bluetooth connection between the Mightier tablet and the heart rate monitor. If you experience any difficulties with your heart rate monitor or tablet please contact our technical support specialists on the Family Care Team


Is your app up-to-date?

You can check your app version by selecting the gear icon on the player select screen. When your app updates to this newest version, you will see 1.3.02. If you are connected to wifi and do not have the most current version of the Mightier app, reach out to the Family Care Team


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