Transitions can be hard. Even as adults, who doesn’t drag their feet when it’s time to do something we don’t enjoy? How often do we linger a little longer with the things we do? And, regardless of everything else, just shifting our focus can sometimes be a challenge, especially when that focus is on a screen. 

Our game design team has kept all this in mind while building the Mightier experience in a way that, hopefully, allows kids to transition to and from their playtime more comfortably. 

Despite that, if you’re finding that your child is having a bit of trouble either before or after they play Mightier, here are some ideas for managing that transition period. 

  • Let your child set the goal. Have your child set a chill point or snowflake goal. This gives them ownership and control over their play, as well as a sense of accomplishment once they reach that endpoint. A transition can be easier when it's their choice.
  • Schedule Mightier before another preferred activity. Even better, allow your child to pick that next activity.
  • Be creative with where Mightier is played. Mightier does not need to be connected to WIFI to play. This means you can get creative with when and where you offer Mightier play time. Examples might include playing in the car and bringing Mightier with you to extracurricular activities. Play Mightier between dance classes or when a sibling is engaged in an extracurricular activity.
  • Keep natural endpoints in mind. Quitting mid-round can be really difficult emotionally for a child who is invested in achieving something and is also  having fun. Allow for some flexibility in terms of when their play session ends so that they feel a sense of completion prior to transitioning away from Mightier. 


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