The basics of the heart rate monitor


How do I turn the band on/off?


Follow the same steps to turn the monitor off, the lights on the monitor will turn off as well.


How should my child wear the band?

The Mighty Band should fit snugly on your child's arm, with the sensors flat against the skin on the inside of the child's arm. 
If the smallest band is still too big, you can wrap it around your child's calf and it will work just the same as when it's worn on the arm. The band is pretty sensitive, so have your child wear it on their non-dominant arm and try not to move around too much while they get started. 


How much battery is left in my band?

Band flashing Red, charge for 2 hrs until it no longer flashes Red.


Is the app compatible with any other heart rate monitor?

The app will only work with Rhythm+ Scosche Heart Rate monitors provided in your kit.

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