How do I create or delete a player or profile?

Creating a Player

Players are how a child navigates the Mightier game. This is how we're able to track progress for separate users on the same device. For a smooth experience, we suggest limiting an account to 5 users.

Players are created in the Mightier app by pressing the plus sign after logging in. Please note, this name cannot be edited.



Creating a Profile

Profiles are how families track a child's progress through the Mightier program. The profile is not displayed in the Mightier game, so a child will not see this information unless you show them the Parent Hub. Please note, a profile cannot be edited. There is no limit to how many can be created.

To create a profile, first login to your the Parent Hub then click "Create new profile" and fill out the survey.


Connecting the Player and Profile

If you have multiple users, this step ties the information together.

Click on the Select Player dropdown, you will be prompted to link the Player to an existing Profile or create a new one.


Deleting a Player or Profile

Profiles cannot be deleted, but we can break the link between the Player and the Profile. This will make it so that the Profile will remain hidden.

Players can be deleted, all progress will be deleted with them. This can only be done by our Family Care Team. Just reach out and let us know the name of the Player you would like removed or the Profile you would like hidden. We're happy to help!

At this time, we do not have the ability to merge the data of multiple players.

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