How do I update the Mightier App?

If Mightier was pre-installed on the device you received, all updates will be installed automatically. The device will need to be connected to Wifi long enough to complete the update, this can sometimes be prompted by turning the tablet off and back on.
If you downloaded Mightier on to your device, it can be updated through the App Store or Play Store.
In February of 2020, we changed our program to require the use of a Mightier tablet. This decision was based on the successful results of families that used our device compared to a personal device. Due to this switch, the Mightier application is no longer updated on all platforms. Contact the Family Care Team for tablet options.

To check your app version press the gear icon on the player select screen. 

*Note: The current app version is 1.3.01. By the end of January 2021 the most current version of the Mightier application will be 1.3.02. 


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