We suggest aiming for at least 45 minutes of Mightier play per week.

If it's a little bit less, that's OK! And, if you can fit in more, that's a bonus - we love it when kids play our games.  We do, however, discourage long sessions of binge playing (over an hour at a time) unless there is a particular clinical need for it. The games are best used when they are played routinely throughout the week to develop new muscle memory with regular practice. 

Having a hard time finding time to fit Mightier in? Play in the car, play before school, or add it to the to-do list! Mightier is meant to be flexible, and kids can play in a variety of settings or at different times of day.

On a game by game basis, we encourage children to explore and play different games at their own pace. If you find that your child is regularly not engaging with a game, or purposely quitting early, please let us know by contacting our Family Care Team.

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