Wondering how often your child should play Mightier?

Routine is the magic number. Families who incorporate Mightier gameplay into a consistent routine of 3 or more play sessions a week are more likely to report improvements in their child’s emotion regulation. 

Similar to learning any skill, the more we practice, the better we get. Repetition allows our brains and bodies to develop new habits and new automatic responses to stressors. Finding the time and space to practice is key, which is why we so strongly encourage families to maintain a consistent Mightier play routine that works in their home. 

It's important to find a playtime routine that works with your family's schedule and is easy to remember. Aiming for at least 45 minutes a week total spread across 3 sessions is a great place to start.

"For us, Mightier is the transition between dinner and homework. It’s a consistent moment in our day none of us will forget about."

Find ideas for developing a routine and structuring Mightier time here

If you're finding that it's hard to find time for Mightier, or that your child is resistant to playing, please contact The Family Care Team so our Program Specialists can brainstorm with you on play and engagement strategies. 


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