When can I expect to see results?

Parents often ask us when they should expect to see results from using Mightier and, unfortunately, the answer is not simple, easy, clear or black and white.   


Because we are talking about human behavior and humans are tricky.  But also, because no one child learns at the same pace as another.

However, there are a few things that you should anticipate seeing throughout the program and I will lay them out for you here.

What are the program phases?

The program has 4 main phases (and an extra for continuous growth):  

Play (Weeks 1-4)

In the first 4 weeks we encourage families to step back and let their child play.  It can be hard to NOT intervene and try to help them learn. But trust us, they are learning just by playing.  In this phase this is what they are learning:

  1. How to play Mightier games, catch lavalings and use the Mightier Gizmo

  2. They are exploring connections between their heart rate and breathing 

  3. They are likely using some skills and strategies to bring their heart rate down in the warm up and game

Awareness (Weeks 5-8)

In the awareness phase your child is:

  1. Playing harder games.

  2. Figuring out what their body feels like when they are in the red and blue.

  3. Working on developing strategies to regulate body/heart rate during game play.

Skill (Weeks 6-10)

In the skill building phase your child is:

  1. Practicing skills to regulate their bodies/heart rate during game play

  2. Taking deep breaths or using other strategies to regulate their heart rate in warm up and game

  3. Developing a deeper level of awareness of what their body feels like when they are excited, mad, or have an elevated heart rate

Challenge (Weeks 9-12)

In the challenge phase your child is likely:

  1. Actively seeking more challenging games

  2. Actively practicing their newly formed skills in the face of more challenges

  3. Using deep breathing (or another skill) to self regulate in the face of challenge

  4. Possibly beginning to translate some of this in game awareness and skill building outside of the game.

Growth (Ongoing)

In this phase your child is continuously practicing and using their new found emotional regulation skills in order to gain greater expertise and awareness.

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