How do I use the dedicated Mightier tablet?

In this section we'll cover tablet details, the basics of powering on and connecting to Wifi, and some issue troubleshooting.

What is the dedicated Mightier tablet?  

When you create an account, you will be shipped a kit with all the equipment needed for the program. Watch our unboxing video for the details of this kit. 


The included tablet is how your child will access the world of Mightier and learn to manage their emotions through Discovery, Practice, Confidence, and Translation. All new tablets are dedicated to the Mightier application* so kids can focus on building skills. 

This custom device has a 7" screen, comes with a protective case and runs on Android software. Once logged in, Wifi is only required to periodically sync your data and update the software, but otherwise it can be played offline!

* = We heard your feedback and as of July 2020, we ship all of our tablets in a restricted state so kids can not wander out of the Mightier application. Tablets shipped prior to July 2020 may be eligible for a lock down, check here to find out.


How do I use the tablet?

There are 3 physical buttons to be aware of:


Hold the Power button for about 3 seconds to turn the tablet on. You can also force the tablet to turn off and reboot by holding the Power button for about 10 seconds.

After turning the tablet on, you will first be prompted to connect to a Wifi network. Once connected, you can login with your account information and create a new player. The tutorial that begins after creating your player will introduce them to Mightier and instruct them on how to get started.

If you ever need to troubleshoot your Wifi connection, click on the Settings Gear then Wifi Settings.


From the Player Select screen:


While playing:



What if I have tech issues or it's broken?

If you're running into tech issues, this is not a secret level or test! Here are some common issues and troubleshooting steps as you're getting started:

For help with more advanced issues, please contact the Family Care Team to determine if it can be resolved or requires a replacement.

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