How do I cancel my trial or membership?

Before you decide....

We have found there can be a number of reasons why Mightier doesn't turn out to be the right fit at first for families, and there are some things we can do to improve the experience based on your child's specific learning and play styles. 

  • Did it seem that your child was frustrated while playing or having a difficult time bringing their heart rate down? We can adjust the difficulty level so they feel more successful in their play.
  • Did your child say they were bored with Mightier? They might not have stumbled upon a game they enjoy yet. There are 26 different games they'll get to experience throughout their play. 
  • Is your child less than thrilled about the idea of Mightier? We've seen it before! Let us strategize with you on ways to get your child motivated and excited to play
  • Not seeing progress yet? It usually takes 2-3 months of regular play (45+minutes/3 sessions a week) to begin seeing shifts in how your child responds to stressors and frustrations in real life. As long as they are playing, they're learning and on track! We are happy to talk through the typical timeline of learning and early/subtle signs of progress to look for early on in the journey. 
  • Did you run into technical issues? Please let us know about that so we can troubleshoot anything getting in the way of your child's play and learning

Our Program Specialists, who have a variety of clinical training and experience in addition to having worked closely with Mightier families, would be happy to talk with you more specifically about your child to figure out how to get them back on track with Mightier. Contact the Family Care Team.

Of course, we will happily process your cancellation if you don't think Mightier is the right fit. 


Cancelling during the first 90 days

All of our subscriptions include a 90-day guarantee. Our 90 day guarantee begins when you purchase Mightier. We know it takes time and practice to begin seeing shifts in a child’s ability to regulate their emotions. For that reason, we want to give families an opportunity to see if Mightier is a good fit for their family. We’ll provide a full refund and free return shipping if you decide that Mightier is just not right for your family at this time.

If you hit a bump in the journey, or are experiencing any challenges or questions along the way, please reach out to our Family Care Team so that we can help. Our team is staffed with Program Specialists who have clinical backgrounds as well as experience working with thousands of Mightier families. They would be happy to provide support at any point in your family’s Mightier journey.

If you don't feel like Mightier is the right fit, the Family Care Team will email you a return label and issue a full refund for the membership. You can request a return through the Account section of your Parent Hub.


Cancelling your membership

If you need to take a break from Mightier, you can cancel your membership at any time. We will keep the play data on file, so if you'd like to come back, your child can pick up where they left off! 

At the time of cancelling, you will maintain access to the Mightier app through the end of the payment period. After the payment period ends, you can still log into the Parent Hub to review progress and renew your membership. Your login credentials will no longer work on the Mightier app. 


You can cancel through the Account section of the Parent Hub.



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