Dr. Anita Dragon is off on a new adventure!

In the new version of Mightier, Dr. Dragon travels across different worlds in search of Lavalings. Players help her collect Lavalings by getting them to their cool state. Each Lavaling has Heat Points (HP). Players will need to get their heart rate back into their blue zone to use their Chill Points to cool the Lavalings' HP. Each day, Dr. Dragon will find new Lavalings for the player to catch.

Players build strength represented by Chill Points by playing different games each day, earning Snowflakes along the way. Snowflakes increase the amount of Chill Points players have. The more Chill Points they gain, the quicker they’ll be able cool the Lavalings they catch.

See the video tutorial here.

Learn more about this version of Mightier by reading frequently asked questions below:

What are Chill Points, Heat Points, and Snowflakes?

Chill Points - Chill Points are earned by completing games and collecting snowflakes. They’re used to cool down Lavalings.

Snowflakes - Players earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold Snowflakes the longer they play the games. Each time they earn a Snowflake, they increase their Chill Points.

Heat Points - Each Lavaling has a certain number of Heat Points, or HP. As players explore Mightier, they’ll encounter Lavalings that have higher and higher HP. In order to cool Lavalings down, players will need to increase their Chill Points.

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How many games will kids be able to play each day? 

Kids will be able to access five games at a time. Each day when players return to Mightier, they will be able to swap out two of the five games. 

Why are there only five games?

This makes sure that players are spending time learning the skills instead of bouncing between games as soon as it gets too challenging. This is also designed to keep kids engaged over a longer period of time, especially for the ones that are used to playing one game so much that they quickly lose interest. By providing daily variety instead of an "all-access" approach, players are more motivated to come back the next day and continue to develop and practice emotional regulation.

Will kids have access to all games?

Yes. They will have access to all games - 5 at a time. There is a queue of games, so players will cycle through all of the games as they swap them out. You can see all games in the queue here (not displayed in any particular order).

Can I choose my games?

Games are randomly generated. Players do not have to swap out games if they have found games they really like. 

How do I access my favorite games?

You will have to keep swapping until it is generated in your game list. It takes approximately 2 weeks to go through all games if you swap two (2) every day. Sometimes, a countdown can help with the anticipation. (See "Game swapping countdown" attachment at the bottom of this article)

How long will it take to get my favorite game?

It takes approximately 2 weeks to go through all games if you swap two (2) everyday. 


Swapping Games

Each new day you play Mightier you will see a “Daily Lavaling” and then have the option to swap up to 2 games. If you do NOT want to swap, tap the red "x" in the top right hand corner.




What does swapping mean and when does it happen?

When a game is swapped out, it doesn’t disappear for good. It may take some time for the swapped games to show back up again, though. 

Oh no! My child accidentally swapped a game! Can we get it back?

Unfortunately, we are not able to recover games. The game will reappear as games are swapped out. Players must cycle through all of the games before swapped games show back up again. It takes approximately 2 weeks to go through all games if you swap two (2) every day. Sometimes, a countdown can help ease the pain of an accidental swap. (See "Game swapping countdown" attachment at the bottom of this article)


Cool Down Strategies

What strategies are available?

All strategies are unlocked, so players can experiment and find the ones that work best for them. We know that many kids tend to gravitate towards one or two skills or create their own. That’s great! The most important activity is cooling down. 

How do I switch between different strategies?

Players can tap the strategy they want Dr. Dragon to prompt prior to starting to play any of the games. Players can come back to the home screen to swap the strategies out at any time. 




How many Lavalings can kids catch a day?

Players can catch up to 3 Lavalings a day. Once they’ve caught their daily Lavalings they’ll be able to continue playing games, earning Snowflakes, and increasing their Chill Points. The next Lavaling will show “Tomorrow,” so players know they are done collecting Lavalings for the day.

Why is there a limit of three Lavalings a day?

Lavalings can be hard to find, so it takes Dr. Dragon some time to find them! We also have found that this helps pace kids and increases long term engagement.

I collected all the Lavalings in Classic Mightier, why do I have to collect them again?

Dr. Dragon is on a new journey. All of the Lavalings have escaped once again! She needs your help to collect them again! Will you be able to find all of your favorite Lavalings?

What happens after my player earns their daily Lavaling?

Children can continue to play the games. They can advance in the games and earn Snowflakes to increase their Chill Points.

My child gets their daily Lavaling in minutes - what else can they do?

Lavalings will have higher Heat Points in later worlds, so it will take players longer to cool those Lavalings. We've found that families who incorporate Mightier gameplay into a consistent routine of 3 or more play sessions a week are more likely to report improvements in their child’s emotion regulation, so short play sessions are fine! See our playtime recommendations here

When does the next Lavaling appear?

Dr. Dragon is quite efficient! She will find you new Lavalings by the morning of the next day.


Switching from Classic Mightier

I'm playing Classic Mightier. What happens to my player’s game progress if we switch?

If you were playing Classic Mightier and you decide to switch to the newer version of Mightier, some of your child’s progress will be lost. Progress in individual games will be maintained through the switch, however their captured Lavalings and Lava Level will be reset to 0. This means that they will collect all of the Lavalings again as they explore new worlds in the new version of Mightier.

Is this switch permanent?

Yes. If you decide to switch to the new version of Mightier, we will not be able to switch you back to the previous version.

Can I upgrade specific players?

No. It is not possible to keep some players on the classic version and others on the updated version. All players will be moved to the new version should you choose to upgrade. 

Is there an additional cost?

No. Your pricing will remain the same. 

Should I switch to this version?

Change is hard. This is a great opportunity to engage your child in the decision making process. It can be helpful to talk through the changes, show what the new version looks like, reassure kids that their game progress will not be lost but they can no longer choose their games and discuss the pros and cons of switching. We are committed to supporting you through this process and our Family Care Team can help brainstorm with you the best ways to help your child with this transition, if you choose to switch. 

If you have any other questions about this version, please reach out to the Family Care Team for help.

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