What does swapping mean and when does it happen?

At the first play of each day, your child will see the "Daily Lavaling." After they press "GOT IT," they will see the swap screen (depicted below). Your player can select one or two games to swap by pressing the game icon(s) and pressing "SWAP."

Games are randomly generated. Players do not have to swap out games if they have found games they really like. If your player does NOT want to swap, tap the red "x" in the top right hand corner. 

When a game is swapped out, it doesn’t disappear for good. It may take some time for the swapped games to show back up again, though. 


Oh no! My child accidentally swapped a game! Can we get it back?

Unfortunately, we are not able to recover games. The game will reappear as games are swapped out. Players must cycle through all of the games before swapped games show back up again. It takes approximately 2 weeks to go through all games if you swap two (2) every day. Sometimes, a countdown can help ease the pain of an accidental swap. (See "Game swapping countdown" attachment at the bottom of this article)

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