How do I set up the android tablet?

If you received a tablet from Mightier, follow these instructions to get started. You can also find these instructions in the Parent App.

  • In order to download Mightier on the tablet, a Google account is required. You can use an existing account, but we suggest setting up a new one for your child. You can set up this account during the initial Android Setup screens that you see when you first turn the tablet on.
  • On the Google login screen, select “create account,” then select, “for my child.” This allows you to use Family Link to block unwanted apps from the device, if you’d like. 
  • For more information check out these instructions: Google Account Setup
  • If you've already skipped Google account setup, go to Settings > Accounts, tap Add account, then tap Google.

Have a question, or running into trouble? Reach out to our Family Care Team. Our tech experts would be happy to help you.

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