What do the playtime stats mean?

The Mightier Parent App helps you develop a play routine for your child and see with a quick glance if they’re meeting their weekly goal. You’ll also have access to information about the games your child is playing (and what they’re accomplishing in the games), track the days they play, and for how long.


Inside the Parent App, you’ll see:

  • A progress meter toward each player’s weekly play goal (3 days a week, 45 minutes total)
  • A weekly report for each player that adds up weekly and lifetime playtime and cooldowns.
  • A play summary for each player that includes:
    • Total minutes of play
    • Total cooldowns
    • Games played
    • Playtime and Cooldown chart
    • In-game progress: medals earned, worlds visited, and more!


Tip! If you find that your child’s playtime isn’t syncing to the Parent App, read this article for some tips that might help. As always, contact the Family Care Team with any questions. We’re happy to help!


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