What cool down skills does Mightier teach?

Mightier includes 5 guided cool down strategies: Deep Breathing, Crossing the Midline, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, and Trace the Line. Mightier also has a “Create Your Own” strategy so players can experiment and find the skills that work best for them. When you choose “Create your Own”, Gizmo will cycle through the different calming strategies - in random order - every time your child presses it.


We know that many kids tend to gravitate towards one or two skills or create their own. That’s great! The most important activity is cooling down.

How do I switch between different strategies?

Players can set the active calming strategy (the one that is prompted to use when they tap Gizmo) in the Skills Lab. To access the Skills Lab, tap the Skills Lab icon on the right side of the bar at the bottom of the screen that contains the Game Library.  When “Create your Own” is selected, Gizmo will cycle through and model each of the four different calming strategies - in a random order - every time your child presses it. 

Have more questions?

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