How do parental controls work?

If you have a younger child or prefer that your child does not play certain games (due to difficulty or content), the Parent App gives you the ability to hide unwanted games from your child, so they don’t appear in their Game Library.

Exploring and choosing games are important for a child’s learning and enjoyment of Mightier. We recommend only using parental controls to restrict games you feel uncomfortable with your child playing, or if they are getting frustrated when they regularly attempt to play a game that is too challenging for them based on their age, development, and video game experience.  

To turn games off for your child:

  • Open the Parent App
  • Tap the Settings wheel on the upper right of the home screen
  • Tap Parental Controls
  • You’ll see a game list with on/off options for each game and each player. At least 9 games need to be active in order for the Mightier app to function. 

If you have questions or concerns about any of the games on Mightier, please reach out to the Family Care Team. Our experts would love to work with your family to ensure Mightier is a positive and enjoyable experience. ​​We can provide you with additional information about how to play each of the games, our game recommendations based on child age, gaming abilities, and other developmental considerations, as well as some guidance on which games have weapons or more mature graphics.


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