How do I join the Mightier Parents Group?

The Mightier Parents Community Facebook group is a place to ask questions, swap stories and trade tips with other Mightier parents. It’s YOUR space to connect with other Mightier parents, about Mightier and about parenting Mightier kids.  

Running into a roadblock? Ask other parents how they got through it.
Want to hear success stories? Other parents are here to share.

You’ll also read curated articles and tips from our Science and Learnings teams, hear about Mightier parent and kid events, new games and updates, and can join Mightier kid contests and activities with fun stickers and prizes. The community is a private group for parents and caregivers with an active Mightier subscription. To join, click here.

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What if I’m not on Facebook?

If you don’t have a Facebook account or would rather not participate, we also provide a selection of articles and activities in our Member Resources Center. In addition, we send regular emails to active Mightier families highlighting the latest Mightier updates, articles, contests, and new program features.


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